Grenfell Graduate Students Making an Impact

Grenfell Campus, Environmental Policy Students at Memorial University Signal Hill Campus in St. John's.
Picture of MAEP students at Signal Hill Campus from Left to right: Tithy Dev, Katherina Wiese, Natasha Pennell, Hailey Morning, Roshayne Mendis, Uwamahoro Clarisse, Rachel Tooby, Naznin Sultana, Victoria Gallagher, Mayra Sanchez, Lukas Bosch, and Jenn Adams; Photo by Lukas Bosch

Grenfell graduate students welcomed Spring by presenting their research in St. John’s during the MAEP Policy Competition, an initiative of the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy program (MAEP), and at the annual Aldrich Conference.

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The Issues Surrounding Informal Mountain Bike Trail Building in the Humber Valley and a Proposed Solution

A section of sustainably built formal trail that the author built for the new Stephenville bike park; Photo by Andrew King
Research Reports are submissions to our blog from Grenfell Campus researchers (faculty, staff, or student). Any views expressed are those of the author. You can check out our guidelines and submit your story here.
Submitted by Andrew King, B.A. in Environmental Studies. Email:

It is no secret that the west coast of Newfoundland is a mecca for outdoor adventure activity in the province. Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, touring, and mountain biking are all popular activities which are thriving here. As these forms of outdoor recreation grow in popularity, so does the impacts left by each one on our natural environment.

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Museology, Creative Practice, and Nature’s #1 Fan (Podcast)

How is research manifested as creative practice? What is the state of our relationship(s) to the natural world? Where do you go to find 100-year-old-plus taxidermy specimens?

This INSIGHT-BLOG podcast features a conversation with D’Arcy Wilson, an assistant professor of painting, drawing, and interdisciplinary studio whose research-based practice incorporates performance, video, installation, drawing, painting, and a range of other media.

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6-minute insight: Episode I, Brennan Lowery (Video)

This week INSIGHT-BLOG features its first episode of 6-minute insight. The episode explores the research of PhD Candidate Brennan Lowery, who is studying rural sustainability in Newfoundland and how communities can think about defining and measuring their sustainability and well-being to support place-based development.

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From Grenfell’s Research to the City of Corner Brook, an INSIGHT-BLOG Podcast

In this podcast we hear from Dr. Doreen Klassen, a professor of Anthropology and Folklore at Grenfell and Natasha Pennell, an undergraduate student, who recently had research presented at an event entitled GRENFELL’S RESEARCH MEETS CITY COUNCIL.

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