Community Based Research in Indigenous Areas – More Than a Set of Data.

Ayo 1
Mr. Ayotunde Omosule in Flat Bay; Photo submitted by Mr. Omosule.

Ktaqmkuk (the Mi’kmaw place name referring to the island of Newfoundland), has been an important hunting territory that has been travelled by Mi’kmaq for generations. Many Mi’kmaw communities across Ktaqmkuk continue to hold rich cultural history, tradition, and environmental knowledge.

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Interventions in Western Newfoundland’s Built Environment

Cameron Forbes; Photo submitted by Cameron Forbes

The term Built Environment refers to spaces and infrastructures developed by humans. The built environment can range in scale from highway networks to fishing stages, and even a sandcastle built at the beach. In Professor Forbes’ art practice, she considers human interventions with the natural landscape and already developed environments as a creative act. In her current project Active Site: Interventions in the Built Environment Forbes’ key question is to understand what the built environment means in Western Newfoundland.

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Taking Action on Health and Nutrition


Dawn Pittman, Western Regional School of Nursing, Newfoundland and Labrador
Dawn Pittman; Photo submitted by Dawn Pittman


Nutrition is a determinant in numerous aspects of health and well-being. Dawn Pittman, of the Western Regional School of Nursing (WRSON), is exploring how we can help improve nutrition among older adults in Western Newfoundland and throughout the province. It is work that is vital to understanding and addressing the health challenges that are facing a population that is aging and often geographically isolated.

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Research, Toads, and Climate Change – a News Update

Grenfell Campus Research News Update

Grenfell Researchers Dr. Gabriela Sabau and Dr. Mumtaz Cheema featured in The Telegram and The Chronicle Herald – Climate change or climate crisis?

“Flood waters in Ottawa and fires in Alberta: the changing environment has politico’s in Canada debating on whether to declare a national emergency in regard to effects felt due to climate change….

The Telegram set out to ask people in the province, whose livelihoods depend on the environment, what their thoughts are — change or crisis — and if they have felt the effects.”

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Silence and Stories: Labour, Marijuana, and Rural British Columbia

Rural British Columbia; Photo by Dr. John Bodner
Rural British Columbia; Photo by Dr. John Bodner

Most studies of the marijuana industry prior to legalization examined the consumer side of the sector. Dr. John Bodner, a Professor of Folklore at Grenfell Campus, was interested in learning more about the labour, lives, and livelihoods of those who illegally produce it. To do so he travelled to rural British Columbia (BC) where the production of illegal marijuana serves as a major part of the underground economies of many small communities.

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Social Responsibility and Small Business in Newfoundland and Labrador (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast Professor Julie Pitcher-Giles talks to us about how small businesses in NL provide a special set of socially responsible services to their communities, like extending lines of credit, or even supporting competitors in times of need. We discuss research on this topic and how strategic planning can potentially assist in the ability of small businesses to provide these services. We also discuss approaches to conducting research interviews that help break down barriers between researchers and business owners.

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The Grenfell Art Gallery, Curatorial Research, and the Arts Ecosystem (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast we hear from Matthew Hills, Director of the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery. Matthew tells us about the various roles research plays at the Gallery, from helping staff maintain artwork, to the Gallery’s role as a cultural hub and beacon for the larger community. We also discuss Matthew’s role in two upcoming projects in the province and the research components involved.

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Keeping Watch with Natural Resources Canada: A Partner’s Take on Grenfell Research

Dr. Brian Eddy

Dr. Brian Eddy of Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service (CFS) has worked with Grenfell Campus on research for almost ten years and is happy to see this partnership continue. Brian – whose work encompasses geospatial analysis, sustainability, land use and ecology – has extensively explored the connections between people and their environment, looking at how these connections can be understood in an integrated way, and what these connections mean for the wellbeing of communities.

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6-minute insight: Episode II, Garrett Richards (Video)

This episode interviews Dr. Garrett Richards who studies how to mobilize research and get it to audiences such as the public and policy makers, so that the research can better inform decision making on issues like climate change and energy development.

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6-minute insight: Episode I, Brennan Lowery (Video)

This week INSIGHT-BLOG features its first episode of 6-minute insight. The episode explores the research of PhD Candidate Brennan Lowery, who is studying rural sustainability in Newfoundland and how communities can think about defining and measuring their sustainability and well-being to support place-based development.

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