Growing Tourism in Flat Bay: A Partner’s Take on Grenfell Research

Photo by Ivan White

Ivan White can attest to the benefits of partnering with Grenfell Campus on research.

Ivan was hired in 2016 to help develop tourism in Flat Bay, initially focussing on the creation of “third spaces” and a social enterprise park. The term “third spaces” refers to places between work and home where people can socialize, network, and relax.

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Loudun: Measuring Religious Accommodation in a Time of War

The Catholic parish church of St. Pierre du Marché; Photo by Edwin Bezzina

Dr. Edwin Bezzina of Grenfell’s program unit of Historical Studies is exploring Protestant-Catholic relations in sixteenth and  seventeenth-century France as part of a book project this summer. Specifically, Dr. Bezzina is examining the community of Loudun from 1560 to 1640 during and after a time of religious conflict known as the French Wars of Religion.

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The Research Behind the Practice: Two Nursing Students Offer Their Perspectives

©David Howells 2016

The Western Regional School of Nursing (WRSON) offers students a vital chance to practice and refine their skills. Gabrielle Deveau and Shelby Thomas, two nursing students, explain that WRSON is also a place where students and instructors conduct research. This ranges from research for class papers, to research aimed at understanding practical clinical settings.

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The Multiple Dimensions of Codes


How do we ensure a message sent to a Mars Rover is received correctly, diminish the impact of information technology on the environment, and reduce the degradation of stored data? Solutions can, in part, be found in error-correcting codes which encode, pad out, or extend data in such a way that it becomes possible to inspect the encoded data later, finding and fixing any errors that have been introduced.

Robert Bailey and Daniel Hawtin are currently conducting work on combinatorics and group theory (the study of symmetry), and applications in error-correcting coding theory.

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