From the Archive: INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter, November 2018.

From the Archive
This edition of the INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter was originally published in November 2018. The most recent edition of the Newsletter (November 2019) can be found here. You can also subscribe to get email updates by emailing us at and stating you would like to subscribe.

November 2018

Welcome to INSIGHT-FELL, an online research newsletter that highlights the exciting, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus’s students, staff, and faculty. An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies’ office, the newsletter focuses on our individual and group research projects and provides opportunities to share information and connect with each other. Please find links to the content of this INSIGHT-FELL issue below, which covers research from winter and summer 2018.

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Interventions in Western Newfoundland’s Built Environment

Cameron Forbes; Photo submitted by Cameron Forbes

The term Built Environment refers to spaces and infrastructures developed by humans. The built environment can range in scale from highway networks to fishing stages, and even a sandcastle built at the beach. In Professor Forbes’ art practice, she considers human interventions with the natural landscape and already developed environments as a creative act. In her current project Active Site: Interventions in the Built Environment Forbes’ key question is to understand what the built environment means in Western Newfoundland.

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Taking Action on Health and Nutrition


Dawn Pittman, Western Regional School of Nursing, Newfoundland and Labrador
Dawn Pittman; Photo submitted by Dawn Pittman


Nutrition is a determinant in numerous aspects of health and well-being. Dawn Pittman, of the Western Regional School of Nursing (WRSON), is exploring how we can help improve nutrition among older adults in Western Newfoundland and throughout the province. It is work that is vital to understanding and addressing the health challenges that are facing a population that is aging and often geographically isolated.

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MFA Students Begin Their Explorations at Grenfell

Grenfell Campus MFA Program Students
From left, Chantal Pennell, Anie Toole, Ardalan Hamedi, Lorna Conquergood and Yalitsa Riden; Photo by Pamela Gill

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, welcomed its first cohort of Master of Fine Arts in visual arts (studio) students this spring.

Five students from many different walks of life are diving into the program as well as discovering the west coast of the island.

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Paper Investigating Effects of Soil Nitrogen on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Published in Journal

Peatlands and Climate Change Field Work; Submitted by Dr. Jianghua Wu
Field work; Submitted by Dr. Jianghua Wu

A paper by a Grenfell researcher regarding the effects of soil nitrogen on peatland greenhouse gas emissions has caught the attention of Communications Biology, a satellite journal, which publishes papers that “represent significant advances bringing new biological insight to a specialized area of research”, and has been published online.

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Grenfell Graduate Students Making an Impact

Grenfell Campus, Environmental Policy Students at Memorial University Signal Hill Campus in St. John's.
Picture of MAEP students at Signal Hill Campus from Left to right: Tithy Dev, Katherina Wiese, Natasha Pennell, Hailey Morning, Roshayne Mendis, Uwamahoro Clarisse, Rachel Tooby, Naznin Sultana, Victoria Gallagher, Mayra Sanchez, Lukas Bosch, and Jenn Adams; Photo by Lukas Bosch

Grenfell graduate students welcomed Spring by presenting their research in St. John’s during the MAEP Policy Competition, an initiative of the Master of Arts in Environmental Policy program (MAEP), and at the annual Aldrich Conference.

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ORCID: A Researchers’ Social Media Platform

ORCID Example Researcher Page
Overview of sample ORCID researcher page;

Researchers from all over the globe rely on search engines and periodicals when people try to find their work. Often a researcher’s content is spread out over the internet, making it hard to locate as a result. There is an increasing need for researchers to have a one-stop portfolio, with more people becoming published authors and literary works growing in number every day.

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Dynamic Connections, Dynamic Materials, and the Making of a Makerspace

Picture of laser-cut rigid heddle backstrap loom used in a Fine Arts fiber-arts class, for demonstration and practice, and to stimulate conversation around innovation; Photo by Maria Kilfoil
Picture of laser-cut rigid heddle backstrap loom used in a Fine Arts fiber-arts class, for demonstration and practice, and to stimulate conversation around innovation; Photo by Maria Kilfoil

Creating mechanical parts and experimenting with complex materials was once the realm of industrial-scale business. But methods for the production of parts and the modification of materials are now cheaper and easier to use, at both benchtop and prototyping scales. Inventions like 3D printers and laser cutters mean that even small-scale businesses and academic centres now have the ability to fabricate intricate and durable objects.

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Silence and Stories: Labour, Marijuana, and Rural British Columbia

Rural British Columbia; Photo by Dr. John Bodner
Rural British Columbia; Photo by Dr. John Bodner

Most studies of the marijuana industry prior to legalization examined the consumer side of the sector. Dr. John Bodner, a Professor of Folklore at Grenfell Campus, was interested in learning more about the labour, lives, and livelihoods of those who illegally produce it. To do so he travelled to rural British Columbia (BC) where the production of illegal marijuana serves as a major part of the underground economies of many small communities.

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Chasing the Gray-cheeked Thrush

A Gray-cheeked Thrush; Photo by Darroch Whitaker
A Gray-cheeked Thrush; Photo by Darroch Whitaker

The Newfoundland Gray-cheeked Thrush is a songbird found breeding across the island, part of the broader breeding range of the Gray-cheeked Thrush which extends across North America along the northern fringes of the boreal forest, and even into Siberia. These island birds have a story which stretches from Gros Morne National Park all the way to Sierra de Perijá National Park in Venezuela, where some spend the winter near the border with Columbia. But their story has not been so happy since the 1980’s, when thrush numbers began to decline on the island – unlike their mainland cousins who seem to be doing okay. Dr. Ian Warkentin, a Grenfell Campus environmental scientist, is working with collaborators, such as Gros Morne National Park’s Dr. Darroch Whitaker, to try and find out why their numbers have dropped.

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