Aging Research Center (ARC) Launches At Grenfell (Podcast)

Drs. Veronica Hutchings (Director of ARC) and Karen Doody tell us about the new Aging Research Centre, or ARC, that has just launched at Grenfell Campus and the role the centre will play in the future of Newfoundland and Labrador. We also hear a few words from the Honourable Lisa Dempster, Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development with the Government of NL.

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Poetry and the Gusle (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast we hear from Dr. Stephanie McKenzie of Grenfell Campus’ English program. Stephanie tells us about her research on the gusle, a musical instrument that commonly accompanies epic poetry in Southeastern Europe. We also discuss Stephanie’s recent book, Bow’s Haunt: The Gusle’s Lessons, and hear a poem featured in its pages.

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From the Archive: INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter, March 2018.

This edition of the INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter was originally published in March 2018. The most recent edition of the Newsletter (November 2018) can be found here. You can also subscribe to get email updates by emailing us at and stating you would like to subscribe.

Welcome to the first issue of INSIGHT-FELL (March 2018), which highlights the exciting, dynamic, multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus’s students and faculty. An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies’ office, the newsletter will focus on our individual and group research projects, and will provide opportunities to share information and connect with each other. This INSIGHT-FELL issue below, which covers research from summer and fall 2017.

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Elevator Pitches: Roman Armour, Harry Potter, and Building Better Business Directories (Video)

Three students get 40 seconds each to summarize their exciting research in a – literal – series of elevator pitches.

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Social Responsibility and Small Business in Newfoundland and Labrador (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast Professor Julie Pitcher-Giles talks to us about how small businesses in NL provide a special set of socially responsible services to their communities, like extending lines of credit, or even supporting competitors in times of need. We discuss research on this topic and how strategic planning can potentially assist in the ability of small businesses to provide these services. We also discuss approaches to conducting research interviews that help break down barriers between researchers and business owners.

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The Grenfell Art Gallery, Curatorial Research, and the Arts Ecosystem (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast we hear from Matthew Hills, Director of the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery. Matthew tells us about the various roles research plays at the Gallery, from helping staff maintain artwork, to the Gallery’s role as a cultural hub and beacon for the larger community. We also discuss Matthew’s role in two upcoming projects in the province and the research components involved.

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Keeping Watch with Natural Resources Canada: A Partner’s Take on Grenfell Research

Dr. Brian Eddy

Dr. Brian Eddy of Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Forest Service (CFS) has worked with Grenfell Campus on research for almost ten years and is happy to see this partnership continue. Brian – whose work encompasses geospatial analysis, sustainability, land use and ecology – has extensively explored the connections between people and their environment, looking at how these connections can be understood in an integrated way, and what these connections mean for the wellbeing of communities.

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6-minute insight: Episode II, Garrett Richards (Video)

This episode interviews Dr. Garrett Richards who studies how to mobilize research and get it to audiences such as the public and policy makers, so that the research can better inform decision making on issues like climate change and energy development.

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Museology, Creative Practice, and Nature’s #1 Fan (Podcast)

How is research manifested as creative practice? What is the state of our relationship(s) to the natural world? Where do you go to find 100-year-old-plus taxidermy specimens?

This INSIGHT-BLOG podcast features a conversation with D’Arcy Wilson, an assistant professor of painting, drawing, and interdisciplinary studio whose research-based practice incorporates performance, video, installation, drawing, painting, and a range of other media.

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Growing Tourism in Flat Bay: A Partner’s Take on Grenfell Research

Photo by Ivan White

Ivan White can attest to the benefits of partnering with Grenfell Campus on research.

Ivan was hired in 2016 to help develop tourism in Flat Bay, initially focussing on the creation of “third spaces” and a social enterprise park. The term “third spaces” refers to places between work and home where people can socialize, network, and relax.

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