Awards Received by Grenfell Researchers – a News Update

Grenfell Campus Research News Update

Dr. Roselyne Okech Receives Female Researchers Award

Dr. Roselyne Okech has received the Female Researchers Award at the 16th Annual Scientific Conference of Montenegrin Sports Academy “Sport, Physical Activity and Health: Contemporary Perspectives.” Held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the conference had 222 delegates, including 72 women, from 42 Countries. Dr. Okech presented a paper entitled Sustainable Sport Hunting Tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador: Focus on the Moose.

According to the Academy’s website:

“One of the key objectives of the Montenegrin Sports Academy (MSA) is the promotion of female scientists and the fostering of state-of-the-art research. For this purpose the MSA established the Female Researchers Award (FRA).”

Sobey Art Award Longlist D’Arcy Wilson, Philippa Jones, and Logan MacDonald

Our congratulations to Grenfell Campus Professor D’Arcy Wilson, Eastern Edge Director Philippa Jones, and Logan MacDonald for their inclusion on the 2019 longlist for the Sobey Art Award.

NSERC Discovery and Artistic Creative Research Grants Received

We would like to congratulate Drs. Telex Ngatched and Lakshman Galagedara on receiving NSERC Discovery grants, as well as Drs. Svetlana Barkanova and Aleksandrs Aleksejevs for reciept of an NSERC Discovery grant on which they were co-applicants. We would also like to congratulate Professors Alex Fallis, Robert Hengeveld, and Dr. Stephanie McKenzie on having received Artistic Creative Research Grants.

From the Gazette – Motivating minds: Funding will engage youth in modern science, marine science projects

“Grenfell Campus was awarded $34,000 for the project Open Space: Engaging Teens in Western Newfoundland in Physics and Astronomy…. Dr. Barkanova says the aim is to engage with community partners on the West Coast.

‘By building on complementary expertise and resources at Grenfell Campus, the Qalipu First Nation and Parks Canada, we plan to develop a long-term scientific and cultural outreach program for youth in the Western Newfoundland region, especially rural youth, girls and Indigenous students,’ she explained.

‘The program will emphasize beauty of our universe, feature female and Indigenous role models, engage Indigenous story-telling, discuss career opportunities, and emphasize a diverse set of skills required in modern science such as co-operation and communication.’”

You can read more here

2018/19 VP (Grenfell Campus) Research Fund recipients:

  • Todd Hennessey, Mr. Burns – A Creative Research Proposal
  • Ingrid Percy, Bringing the University to the People: Tertiary Extension Programs and the Early   History of the Banff Centre
  • Julie Sircom, Feasibility of Captive Rearing of Bombus Ternarius
  • Dmitry Sveshnikov, Effects of Mycorrhizal Associations on Juvenile Eastern White Pine in Newfoundland
  • Robert Scott, Morphological Variation Among Populations of the Threspine Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus) from the West Coast of Newfoundland and Southern Labrador
  • Raymond Thomas, Effects of short chain fatty acids on brain function
  • Mano Krishnapillai, Testing native fungal inoculum for enhancing decomposition rate of lingo-cellulosic organic waste material for making compost
  • Rainer Baehre, Mi’kmaq History, 1755-1783
  • Bonnie White, Making   Newfoundlanders our of British Subjects: The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire in Western Newfoundland, 1956-1990s
  • Rie Croll, Canadian Magdalene Laundries
  • Bradley Harding, Parameter-fitting my single-process model of the Same-Different task at the University of Ottawa
  • Peggy Hancock, The Incidence and Experience of Incivility in Clinical Practice: Nursing Students’ Perspectives

A full list of past recipients can be found here


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