From the Archive: INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter, March 2018.

This edition of the INSIGHT-FELL Newsletter was originally published in March 2018. The most recent edition of the Newsletter (November 2018) can be found here. You can also subscribe to get email updates by emailing us at and stating you would like to subscribe.

Welcome to the first issue of INSIGHT-FELL (March 2018), which highlights the exciting, dynamic, multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus’s students and faculty. An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies’ office, the newsletter will focus on our individual and group research projects, and will provide opportunities to share information and connect with each other. This INSIGHT-FELL issue below, which covers research from summer and fall 2017.

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Research Reports are submissions to our blog from Grenfell Campus researchers (faculty, staff, or student). Any views expressed are those of the author. You can check out our guidelines and submit your story here.
Submitted by Robert Bailey

Being a research mathematician is, in some respects, the ultimate “ivory tower” profession: essentially, it involves being paid to sit in a room and think.  But it’s not always that way: it’s a very international business, with researchers in one field being scattered in many countries across the world.  So it is not all that surprising that, for a week in September, I got to travel to the Casa Matemática Oaxaca in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Elevator Pitches: Roman Armour, Harry Potter, and Building Better Business Directories (Video)

Three students get 40 seconds each to summarize their exciting research in a – literal – series of elevator pitches.

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Social Responsibility and Small Business in Newfoundland and Labrador (Podcast)

In this INSIGHT-BLOG podcast Professor Julie Pitcher-Giles talks to us about how small businesses in NL provide a special set of socially responsible services to their communities, like extending lines of credit, or even supporting competitors in times of need. We discuss research on this topic and how strategic planning can potentially assist in the ability of small businesses to provide these services. We also discuss approaches to conducting research interviews that help break down barriers between researchers and business owners.

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