Invitation to Research Reports



INSIGHT-BLOG is now happy to host a new section: Research Reports.

If you are a Grenfell Campus researcher (faculty, staff, or student) and want to let people know about your work outside of our normally scheduled programming we invite you to submit your story to our Research Reports section of the blog.

As you read through this blog you will see that research and scholarly activity takes many forms at Grenfell Campus; from research manifested as creative practice to the research nursing students do on their patients’ conditions prior to clinical shifts. Research/Scholarly activity at Memorial University (and Grenfell Campus specifically) includes ‘the conduct of research, scholarship, and critical, creative, professional or developmental work; and the dissemination of such work through publication, demonstration, presentation, exhibition or performance, or by other means appropriate to the discipline.’

Research Reports welcomes submissions on the activities above in all disciplines. Submissions to Research Reports can be as long as 1,250 words and can be written in your preferred style (we will insert a ‘continue reading’ button past the first few lines and/or first image). Content should focus on your research/scholarly activity or related project or event you are working on, must be respectful, and should be edited carefully before being sent in. While we may be in contact with some more edits prior to publication, editorial responsibility for these postings remains with the author. If you have high-resolution images (that you have taken and have permission from all relevant persons and entities to use), that you would like to be (or accompany) your story, please feel free to send them in too.

Please send submissions as attachments to and indicate your name, a title for the post, your preferred title (i.e. Dr., Professor, Postdoc, Graduate or Undergraduate Student, or other), descriptions of photo content (order of photos to be displayed, and credits, if applicable), and any other notes on the submission, as well as your intention to have the content published in Research Reports.

Additionally, we welcome your general feedback on what you think of INSIGHT-BLOG.

We look forward to your contributions and future explorations!


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