Museology, Creative Practice, and Nature’s #1 Fan (Podcast)

How is research manifested as creative practice? What is the state of our relationship(s) to the natural world? Where do you go to find 100-year-old-plus taxidermy specimens?

This INSIGHT-BLOG podcast features a conversation with D’Arcy Wilson, an assistant professor of painting, drawing, and interdisciplinary studio whose research-based practice incorporates performance, video, installation, drawing, painting, and a range of other media.

D’Arcy tells us about the research they are doing to explore the complicated connections between early zoology, museum taxidermy exhibits, and our desire to experience nature. We also talk about research as creative practice and the challenges of tracking down exhibit specimens across North America and Europe.

Listen to more of our podcasts here.

Documentation by Chris Friel. Presented with kind permission from the Natural History Museum, London.

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