Museology, Creative Practice, and Nature’s #1 Fan (Podcast)

How is research manifested as creative practice? What is the state of our relationship(s) to the natural world? Where do you go to find 100-year-old-plus taxidermy specimens?

This INSIGHT-BLOG podcast features a conversation with D’Arcy Wilson, an assistant professor of painting, drawing, and interdisciplinary studio whose research-based practice incorporates performance, video, installation, drawing, painting, and a range of other media.

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Growing Tourism in Flat Bay: A Partner’s Take on Grenfell Research

Photo by Ivan White

Ivan White can attest to the benefits of partnering with Grenfell Campus on research.

Ivan was hired in 2016 to help develop tourism in Flat Bay, initially focussing on the creation of “third spaces” and a social enterprise park. The term “third spaces” refers to places between work and home where people can socialize, network, and relax.

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