Theatre Research, and Research for Theatre: Past, Present, and Future

This week Insight-Blog features two podcasts with Professors Jerry Etienne and ​Michael Waller of the Grenfell Campus Theatre Program which highlight the myriad of ways research plays a direct role in theatre productions at the Campus and locally. We talk about everything from research that affects the theatre itself as a physical space, to research that informs how that space is used and acted within.

Etienne (Track 1) tells Insight-Blog about the recent production of Ring Round the Moon at Grenfell and how aspects like set design and audience communication are linked to understanding the historic and contemporary context of the play.

Ring Round the Moon

Waller (Track 2), meanwhile, discusses two upcoming productions he is working on and what they say about the history of persecution during conflict and present issues of conservation.

Throughout these conversations a common theme emerges. Theatre research, and the research that goes into productions, spans across time by necessity; working it’s way from our past, to our present, to our future.

For more news on recent research from the School of Fine Arts:


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