From Grenfell’s Research to the City of Corner Brook, an INSIGHT-BLOG Podcast

In this podcast we hear from Dr. Doreen Klassen, a professor of Anthropology and Folklore at Grenfell and Natasha Pennell, an undergraduate student, who recently had research presented at an event entitled GRENFELL’S RESEARCH MEETS CITY COUNCIL.


Dr. Klassen presented Stopping the Traffic: Wall Murals and Tourism which explored the potential to use wall murals in the City of Corner Brook to help attract tourism, based on research on wall murals in Winnipeg.


Natasha’s project was entitled Beyond Vision 20/20: Assessing Sustainability at Grenfell Campus and explores the potential to create a 10-year plan for Grenfell based on ecological, socio-cultural, and economic capitals.

Other presentations at this event included:

Creating Business Opportunities in Eco-Tourism

Presenter:  Dr. Jose Lam

The Pollinator-Friendly City

Presenter:  Dr. Julie Sircom

Developing Competitive Tourism Industry in Corner Brook

Presenter:  Dr. Roselyne Okech

Geophysical Investigation of Municipal Facilities

Presenter:  Dr. Daniel Altdorff

Forest Ecology Research Program and Potential Links to City of Corner Brook 

Presenter: Dr. Andre Arsenault

Applying the TELOS Method:  A Sustainability Assessment for the City of Corner Brook 

Presenter:  Rashida Mohammad Uthman (Candidate, Masters of Arts in Environmental Policy)


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