From Grenfell’s Research to the City of Corner Brook, an INSIGHT-BLOG Podcast

In this podcast we hear from Dr. Doreen Klassen, a professor of Anthropology and Folklore at Grenfell and Natasha Pennell, an undergraduate student, who recently had research presented at an event entitled GRENFELL’S RESEARCH MEETS CITY COUNCIL.

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The Multiple Dimensions of Codes


How do we ensure a message sent to a Mars Rover is received correctly, diminish the impact of information technology on the environment, and reduce the degradation of stored data? Solutions can, in part, be found in error-correcting codes which encode, pad out, or extend data in such a way that it becomes possible to inspect the encoded data later, finding and fixing any errors that have been introduced.

Robert Bailey and Daniel Hawtin are currently conducting work on combinatorics and group theory (the study of symmetry), and applications in error-correcting coding theory.

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“Art + Feminism” Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, from So Fine Episode #6: Wiki’d

An enlightening interview on the recent “Art + Feminism” Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon at the The Ferris Hodgett Library by So Fine: The School of Fine Arts Podcast.

From So Fine:

“Did you know that less than 10% of Wikipedia editors are women? Neither did I. The Art+Feminism campaign is trying to correct this imbalance, and we had a fascinating conversation about Wikipedia, the representation of artists, particularly female (trans and cis) artists here in Newfoundland, and the construction of our online narrative. 

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